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Following having to flee from my home due to Domestic Violence, I was relocated in Cumbria with my daughter. I was pointed in the direction of CERT (UK) and Kerryanne Wilde, for help and support. Nothing was too difficult for her or her team, if she didn't have what we needed, she put a call out on social media and requested donations on our behalf. Without this valuable service from CERT (UK) we would not have the lovely warm and inviting home which we have now, clothes on our back or food on our table. Also, Kerryanne made sure that my daughter had enough Christmas presents to open on Christmas Day and I had a little something also. It was the little touches. The attention to detail and the depth of knowledge which she and her team had or our situation and our needs without too much prying into our personal situation. My daughter and I will be eternally grateful for everything that the CERT team have done for us and hope that they are around for a very long time.


Graham & Kathryn Coleman
Flood Victim

CERT UK have been so good, nice and a tower of strength. They have been amazing. Life has been so hard since the floods. It has been hard on the people it as effected. We both (Graham and Kathryn) have been ill since it happened and it will be a long time for it to just be a really bad memory. CERT have helped us in any way possible. We was given food, cleaning stuff, a brand new sofa and chair. We was in a rented house. The house was rented as furnished and we lost most off the stuff the first time we flooded on the 3rd December. The day we was rescued by the R.N.L.I. The land lady said she wasn't insured. We returned to the house to try and rescue some of our belongings and start the clean up with help from Kerryanne and the team. They sorted volunteers to help us clean and move our stuff out. We both went to stay with Kathryn's sister and brother in law Christmas Eve till 27th and we return to find out we had been flooded for the second time on Boxing Day. Which meant we had lost even more stuff because we was packing and moving stuff downstairs ready to move out. Eden flood volunteers sent more people to help us yet again. We both can't thank the CERT Team enough. Thank you to everyone of them that as helped us. They are GREAT and WONDERFUL people. Thank you again from the bottom of are hearts. Graham & Kathryn Coleman Carlisle, Cumbria Flood Clients


Carol Jeffreys
Furry Tails Kennels and Cattery

After the floods of 2015, I found myself in crisis. Not by flooding, but lack of water. I was the owner of Furry Tails kennels and cattery near Penrith. I had a private water supply via a bore hole. The problem was that it is run by electricity, and there was a power cut. Nobody knew how long the power would be off, so we were left without water altogether. I had many dogs and cats in for boarding, and really was not sure how to cope. I knew neighbours would have water from a mains supply, but I had no decent water containers to go and get some. I put a plea out on Facebook, for anyone who could lend me water containers until I could buy some, so that I could source some much needed water. Within a very short period of time, I got a message from CERT offering some large water bottles that they had, not only that but they would deliver them. This was an absolute godsend. Water is something that we just couldn't do without. It was such a relief, and within an hour of my plea for help, I had enough water to see us all through until I bought some containers. I am not sure how I would have managed this crisis but for CERT. It was a bit crazy that they were set up as a crisis team for people who had been flooded with water, and here was I desperate for water, but they really helped me out that evening. I am eternally grateful for their help, and the team of people who stepped forward without question to get me out of this serious fix. I thank them all for their assistance. An amazing bunch of people Carol Jeffreys (now retired from) Furry Tails Kennels and Cattery Melmerby


Glencross Family
Flood Victims

We would just like to thank you very much for all you have done to help us during this extremely difficult time. We are absolutely delighted with the sofa, chair, table and chairs, that we have received via your organisation. They will make a huge difference. Also, for the cleaning and food parcels you kindly gave us – they are a fantastic help! It is heart warming that there are people like you helping people like us – you are truly amazing! Paul, Donna, Lauren, Ben & Sam Glencross


Susan Blaylock
Housing & Care Manager - Lonsdale Court

Fire at Lonsdale Court Penrith - Extra Care facility for Older Adults Following the serious fire that we experienced on Saturday 12th November I would like to thank you and your team very much for all the help that you gave us. Supplying furniture to 7 of our tenants whom either lost everything or were unable to access their flats due to the location of the fire, it was an absolute godsend you being there. Had the CERT team and what you are able to supply not been available I don't know where we would have managed to source furniture etc, so quickly in order to get our elderly tenants settled into their temporary accommodation which was so important, as they were living in various places such as the Premier Inn which was not ideal. Many thanks also, for being able to deliver the goods to the various locations as I do not know how I would have managed to have arranged this without the service you offer. As you are aware we sadly lost one of our gentlemen in the fire which was extremely distressing to us all and having your support at this time was invaluable and certainly lessened my load, which as you can imagine was extremely stressful. Many thanks for all your help it was and is very much appreciated Susan Blaylock Housing & Care Manager Lonsdale Court


Bob - Tracey Streit

In Spring 2017 an 87 year man (an old friend of my fathers) who lived in a care home was facing eviction because he wanted to keep his loyal companion a miniature schnauzer 10 years old. We raised some funds to help Bob find a new home with his little dog and to help with the cost of care but we were worried how he would furnish a new home. Bob had very little as he had given nearly all of his things away when he moved into the home with his wife who suffered dementia. She died 2 years later and it was agreed that Bob could stay at the home with his dog. My friend told me about CERTUK and how they had helped so any people whose houses were flooded in Carlisle. I decided to give them a call. I spoke to Kerryanne who was extremely helpful and made us an appointment to meet very soon. Bob was delighted but not quite sure what to expect. When the day came Kerryanne was waiting for us and immediately made Bob feel comfortable and they shared a joke. She very efficiently went through a list of items Bob might need. To be honest I would never have thought of most of them. I could see how Bob's mood was suddenly lifted as he was going through a very emotional time. (Not only leaving the home he shared with his wife but also leaving his friends) Next Bob was taken to see what he would like. He couldn't believe it, he was over the moon and he seemed to be getting excited about the move. Both Kerryanne and another friendly chap were very supportive and encouraging with Bob and he was loving the experience. The worry of where and how he would be able to get all of these items was lifted immediately. Furniture, curtains, bedding, rugs, lights, kitchenware and so on and so on. Nothing was any trouble and the service CERTUK provided was second to none. The delivery was fantastic and on top of everything else Bob received a food hamper, kitchen and bathroom cleaning bags and also a bag of personal toiletries. The impact this had on Bob and the move was massive. It lifted a huge load off our shoulders and made it a more enjoyable experience than it would have been at such a difficult time. I can't speak highly enough of this wonderful service and Kerryanne who is a remarkable lady. Tracey Streit


Paul M Dilley BSc(Hons)
Flood Recovery Support Officer

May I take this opportunity to express my acknowledgement of the significant and extremely worth work CERT(UK) undertakes in the Cumbrian and wider region regarding Flood Recovery. I am currently employed as a Flood Recovery Support Officer working for Carlisle City Council. I have seen at ‘first-hand’ the amount of superb work CERT (UK) undertakes supporting victims of the December 2015 floods. Whilst I only cover the 1670 properties that were flooded in the Carlisle area. I am acutely aware that Kerryanne and the team support all those in need across Cumbria and further afield. Notwithstanding the superb practical support given to those in need of help e.g. supply of furnishings, carpets, white goods, etc, it is now apparent that the stress and emotional suffering is overwhelming for many residents and CERT (UK) have also been outstanding and pivotal in providing support to these victims. This work will continue for many months as people are still slowly returning to their homes (over 300 in Carlisle not returned at this stage). CERT (UK) also assists with advice, with difficult insurance matters (often elderly and vulnerable), advise on grant applications, deal with a plethora of Emotional Well-being concerns and also advise with debt issues (particularly giving advice with large utility bills post the floods). CERT’s contribution to the welfare of the wider community is immeasurable. Furthermore, the superb relationship we have by passing on referrals to each other ensures vulnerable people are getting the support they need as soon as practicably possible. They are ‘unsung’ heroes that, with their network of contacts, remain on standby to help in any emergency going forwards – they would be a huge loss to society if they were unable to continue for whatever reason. There is still a vast amount to do and any support that can be given to provide ongoing assistance will immensely appreciated by me and the wider community. Paul M Dilley BSc(Hons) Flood Recovery Support Officer


Colin Baker
Veteran (British Army)

I'm not good at writing or saying things but just thought that I'd send you this email to acknowledge the amazing help and support you and your organisation have given me in finding a councillor and support for my PTSD and my financial difficulties. I still have a long way to go but your offer of help and support via social media, came at a time when I was about to give it all up as the "Black Dog" was back and I couldn't see a way out. Your professional approach but understanding of my situation due to the fact that you're a veteran yourself, helped me to open up more than I have done previously. Without your intervention I would not be here now and for that I thank you. When I am well enough and in a better place I would like to volunteer to support you and your team in all that you do. Colin Baker - Veteran (British Army)


Ian Boucker

During 2015 I sat at my home in Penrith road Cheltenham and read and watched the devastation that was unfolding in Cumbria I sat there thinking what could I do I could not help financially but I could help in other ways I contacted Kerryanne Wilde and her team at what was Eden flood volunteers (EFV) she said they would love my help so I went to my church I attended that week and approached my Vicar and asked if I could do a fundraiser to raise funds to fund my mission trip to Cumbria he had no objections and allowed the to happen and supported me fully so with cakes being made and sold like hot cakes my funds were found and away I went during my couple of weeks I met some people who had lost everything but was so kind and lovely no bitterness they were disappointed but even losing everything the county and further a field all rallied around with amazing community spirit I was moved that much I could see I needed to do more I asked Kerryanne if I could come back she said yes anytime and I was like actually I can do so much more and felt I was being called to go and be a witness and help where possible I came back to Penrith road and I was in contact with Kerryanne and I was looking into moving over to Penrith so I started planning my move from Penrith road Cheltenham to Penrith Cumbria At this point EFV which was now in the process of changing to CERT UK was waiting on charity status and funding too employ some staff Kerryanne asked if I would like to apply so I did and got the job as deputy warehouse manager things were coming into place I shortly found a room to rent and a friend came down to Cheltenham to move me up to Cumbria how quick this happened I new it was right it was what I needed to be doing During my time there I met more amazing people who CERT supported and continued to support donations were still flooding in I witnessed this amazing lady Kerryanne go through hard long days as well as mentally straining days as as much as you try not to hearing and seeing the devistation people have got put through by storm Desmond was hard breaking no matter the time of day night Kerryanne and team was an ear or a hug away to so many Being part of Cert gave me so much more than getting me back into work it showed me and made me who I am and even with me moved away again now the flood affected families and Kerryanne and cert are constantly in my thoughts My life has become so much more and I will always be part of the EFV /CERT family and in February I become a daddy and I feel without cert I would never of moved back to my family town of Kidderminster and met my partner and be able to look forward to my life as a father So I wasn't flooded but through me helping cert and the flood affected families they helped me a lot more I love and miss you all and sincerely hope things are improving and I will hopefully be back soon to see you all God bless you all Ian Boucker Kidderminster Volunteer


Tracy Errington

Like many, Kerryanne Wilde was touched by the floods. But unlike many, she had a vision, foresight and a steely determination to make a long-term difference to those affected by the floods in Eden, then the wider Cumbrian community. I met her on day one when the Evergreen hall was opened for donations and have been privileged to work with Kerryanne and her team of volunteers ever since. I think it is her military training that has given her the ability to organise people (and coerce supplies) and put in place long term, robust procedures that have helped Eden Flood Volunteers reach the place they are at today. She is not human, she has been superhuman, and the hundreds of flood victims she and her team have helped would agree. It is hard setting up a new business, let alone one run completely on a shoestring with volunteers. She has worked day (and many nights) to make sure people in need get the help. I am a business consultant and admire the way she has taken command of the role, organising and setting up and sometimes making very difficult and emotional decisions. She has strong leadership skills and the ability to empower and motivate a growing team of volunteers. She has shown grit and tenacity to get things done. Over £1.4 million of donations have been received by EFV and that is almost entirely down to Kerryanne, her vision and the passion she shares with her volunteers is a real credit to our district – Eden should be proud. Tracy Errington