CERT (UK) did not exist until 6th December 2015 – the day after Storm Desmond hit Cumbria.

Our Founder and Director Kerryanne Wilde, responded to a post on Facebook and started pulling together volunteers to help people affected by the floods in the Eden district of Cumbria initially. Quickly it became apparent that there was a wider area affected and support was given to the wider Cumbrian community.

From day one the volunteers worked long hours, some in-excess of 60+ hours a week, gaining the support of local businesses and organisations. Early on it became apparent that there was a longer term need for flood support and those in crisis, emergency or disaster in Cumbria and throughout the UK.

We work closely with partner organisations and continue to support individuals and businesses who find themselves fallen on hard times due to no fault of their own. We have made links with many flood related organisation and other 3rd sector organisations possible.

We currently have pilot projects ongoing in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, London, Cornwall, Somerset and Northern Ireland. We are always looking to build on our already fantastic achievements, by bringing smaller and community groups under our umbrella.

Achievements reached as at November 2023:
  • £5.7 million-Est of goods received in donations
  • £5.65 million-Est distributed to date
  • Robust procedures in place to monitor goods and clients helped and support our volunteers
  • 57,436 estimated families & businesses helped and supported across 13 counties within England, Northern Ireland and the Scottish Borders
  • Coordination of a regular team of 68+ volunteers, who support clients and the charity to function
  • 747+ homeless supported across CERT UK as a whole - meals, food and toiletries, clothing and sleeping bags, homes and furniture packages
  • Our support role has expanded to include the support of all those in Crisis, Emergency or Disaster 
  • Combat Loneliness and encourage Camaraderie by fully supporting the Penrith & Eden Armed Forces Veterans Club with free breakfasts for all Veterans who attend and any extra support required
  1. Floods
  2. Fire
  3. Domestic Violence
  4. Homeless
  5. Veterans
  6. Disabled
  7. Vulnerable
  8. Those being released from hospital