Here at CERT (UK) we have a dedicated team of volunteers in Birmingham who support the homeless. The make homemade fresh food and take this out hot, to feed those who have little or nothing, along with desserts, treats, fruit and drinks.

On a weekly basis the team feed on any one day 140 - 180 persons which present themselves as homeless.

Along with the above support, the team provide clothing, footwear, bedding, toiletries, emergency parcels and food parcels depending on the donations given.

In Cumbria and throughout the other counties of the UK, CERT teams support homeless individuals, by finding them emergency accommodation, linking them with their homeless units at their respective district councils, homeless shelters and charities specifically designed to support the homeless.  Where there is no charities available to support such individuals, the CERT team take the reigns and link with all the agencies which may be able to support someone in this situation.