UK Flood Defence Alliance

The blocks are easy to carry and move into place. Consequently, they save time when compared to traditional sandbags, enabling you to protect your property quickly and efficiently.

After use, the blocks can be power washed and stored ready for future occasions.

Each block measures 61cm (2ft) long x 30.5cm (1ft) wide x 10cm (4″) high and weighs 13.6kg.


•    Speed: They are quick to get into position and so save time over using traditional sandbags

•    Direct water: They can be shaped to direct or block the water flow as required. E.g. Hebden Bridge Flood Volunteers often shape them into ‘J’ shapes around drains to slow down the water flow and direct it into the drains

•    Re-usable: The blocks can be washed off and then stored away for the next occasion

•    Cost: Although there is an upfront cost, they can be re-used so the cost per use compares favourably to

the total cost of using and disposing of sandbags

•    Ease of use: No training is necessary; residents and volunteers can use them easily

Hebden Bridge Flexible Flood Blocks Example:

Flexible flood Blocks are used by the Hebden Bridge Flood Volunteers who have used them successfully to direct flash flooding away from their High Street and homes. You can read about their experiences on the link below:

Product Information

Flexible Flood Defence Blocks are a moulded rubber product with many uses. They have a unique bull nosed interlocking design that allows each block to be fitted to each another.

Dimensions    61cm x 30.5cm x 10cm

Weight    13.6kg (80 pieces to a palette/111kg)

Composition     Recycled rubber & polyurethane binder

Colour    Black

Holes    Two – 3.49cm diameter; aligned for staking one course to the next

Permeability     None- Solid

Freeze-Thaw (ASTM C1026)    Submersed in water to 0°F for five cycles Minimal small particle separation

UV Resistance     No change after 48 months’ exposure

Flammability/Auto Ignition    230°C

Toxic characteristic Leaching

Procedure Method 6010B    Less than trace amounts of aluminium (Al), barium (Ba), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), lead (Pb), selenium (Se), silver (Ag) chloride (Cl) and sulphate (SO) after 18 hours in fluid


•    Containment of solid, semi-solid and liquid materials

•    Erosion control, energy diversion, catch basin formation, runoff control

•    Drain inlet protection, oil well/pump protection

•    Weighting and hold down signs, tarpaulins, barriers and ballast

•    Creation of temporary retaining walls and washout areas

•    Base for fence and stand poles