70+ Poster

70+ Poster
Due to the continued increase in those being advised/told to self isolate, CERT have designed some posters so that you can put up on your front door or in the window next to your door.  Please share this link to the posters and all other information soon to be coming from CERT reference COVID-19.

There are a few options which you can use. 

Please be mindful of the elderly (70+) on their own and highlighting this fact. 

Another poster may be a more suitable fit. 

*Advice from Cumbria Constabulary for the Cumbria Area Only is as follows: If someone knocks at your door then to just show this at your door if someone knocks (or something similar). To not highlight this on your door or window.

Please click the link below to download your poster.

COVID-19 70plus.pdf