Access 4 All independent livingAccess 4 All independent living
A4A - Independent Living is a service which we provide privately to individuals and families.

Our ethos is that everyone should live an independent life with as little incursion or intrusion into their personal space. It helps many who have had strokes, those who have disabilities and/or additional needs and those who are isolated with no family nearby or they have no family.
Our Independent Living Advisors can carry out the following roles, working with the client and their family to help them to stay as independent as possible without losing their self respect.

Cooking meals from scratch
Menu prep
Light housework
Local shopping when clients family members are not available
Shopping lists
Taking clients to appointments when family members are not available
Advising on washing and drying clothing along with hanging washing outside or within the home.
Bed making & changing
Buddy to take to social outings as uncomfortable to attend on her own
Befriending Service
Setting up bank account support
Help with finances
Take clients out to the Cinema, Bowling, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs and Keep Fit classes.
Hygiene and personal care training - Where we advise and guide clients daily hygiene routines and prompt clients when they need to take care of their personal hygiene (example - Teeth brushing and how they have to carry this out and the time required)

The list is not exhaustive but any task which helps an individual or their family member to live as independently as their peers.

We DO NOT carry out personal care for our clients. This is due to the fact that we are not registered with the Care Quality Commission or Care Inspectorate Scotland.

For more information or to discuss a new client or assessment please email: